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Display your Fleet(s) on the Live Map

There are various ways to have your fleet(s) displayed on the Live Map:


Note: If you have created multiple fleets, click on the respective button of the fleet you want to be displayed on the Live Map

Note: If you have created multiple fleets, you may use the "Selected Fleet" menu to choose the one to be displayed on the Live Map, prior to clicking on the "Show Fleet on map" button.


For your convenience, "Show Fleet on map" buttons are also located in the following MarineTraffic pages:

Notice that in all of the above-mentioned pages, there is the "Select Fleet" option right next to the "Show Fleet on map" button so that you can easily decide on which fleet is going to be displayed on the Live Map.


In any case, all vessels that belong to your fleet of choice will be displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map - even if they are out of range (in this case, you will be viewing the last recorded position of them)!

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