Create Notifications

In this article, you will find detailed instructions on how to create notifications as well as how to set automatic notifications vessels added in your fleets.

Create a Notification

To create a new notification you may access the My Account page and then click on the My Notifications option. From there, you can click on the Create Notification tab.

STEP 1 - Select Assets

You will need to select the asset you wish to associate with the notifications you are about to create.

Assets are divided into two main categories:
VESSELS: a specific vessel, a MarineTraffic Fleet, Vessel Type and Vessel Size (Capacity) PORTS / AREAS: a specific Port, a Standard Area or a Custom
Once you have made your selection, you can click on the Continue button. 

Note I: You may combine categories, such as specific types of vessels arriving at specific Trade
STEP 2 - Select Notification Type

You may now select the notification type. All the available notification alerts will be displayed. To select your preferred settings, you may simply click on the available options. Selected options will be highlighted in blue (clicking once again on the same notification will result in de-selecting it). You can set multiple notifications alerts for the selected asset(s).
Some notifications contain user-defined variables. When selecting such notifications make sure that you have provided MarineTraffic with accepted values in the related
When you have selected the notifications of your choice, click on the Continue button to advance.

Note II: The available notifications will vary depending on your selection of assets. Alerts that cannot be set for the assets you have selected, will be greyed out and will not be clickable.

Note III: You may find the credit cost of each notification type, displayed on the top of its respective box.

STEP 3 - Select Channel

After having selected your notifications, it is time to set the channel via which you wish to be alerted. You have to select at least one of the available communication channels.

The communication channels of your choice will be highlighted in blue. Once you are ready, click on the Continue button to advance.

Kindly note that in order to receive Mobile Push Notifications on the MarineTraffic mobile app, you need to have Notifications enabled on your mobile device (menu->settings->notifications)
STEP 4 - Confirm

In this final step, you can review the selections you have made in the previous ones. pasted_image_0.pngIf you are satisfied with your set-up, you may click on the Save button to confirm. Upon confirmation, the notifications of your choice will be activated.

 Note IV: In case you wish to make any changes during the creation process, you may click on the RESET button to start over - this option is available at every step of the process.


Automatically create Vessel-based Notifications when adding a Vessel to a Fleet

If you have set notifications for a specific fleet, you can also set whether you want to add those notifications automatically whenever you add a new vessel in that fleet (or if you want to delete them when removing the vessel from the fleet). 

You may access the SETTINGS tab under the My Fleets section, There you will be able to find your Notification Preferences, so as to automatically create vessel notifications.

There is another way to set notifications for a fleet vessel fast. When adding a vessel you will see the option “Create vessel-based Notifications”. If you click it, a group of specific default notifications will be set for this vessel.