Manage / Extend your Notification Limits

Click on the My Notifications option under My Account section.

The Notifications Panel will be brought out. This way you can be directly informed regarding the total usage and the limits of your notifications.

Screenshot.jpgFor each communication channel, different limits apply. These limits are displayed on the relative Your monthly limits section. 

You are also able to extend your notification limits without having to upgrade to another subscription plan or bundle. To do so, you may use Credits. The Credits you have available are shown in the relative Credits section. 

Click on the Buy Credits button to get to the Buy Credits page where you can evaluate the available Credit Packs and purchase the one that suits your needs.

Then, do not forget to tick the selection box next to the Use Credits option for the communication channel(s) of your choice. This way, if/when your notification limits are reached, your available Credits will be used so that you will not miss a single piece of information! 

Keep in mind that charges (in Credits) vary depending on the communication channel:

  • Email / Mobile Push = 1 Credit per 10 notifications
  • Text (SMS) = 3 Credits per notification