Manage your Notifications

In this article, you will find all information regarding the edit, pause, deletion, share and all in all management of your Notifications.

Edit Notifications

To perform changes in your existing notifications, you can click on the My Notifications option under the My Account section.

From there, you may simply click on the pencil/edit icon, next to the notification you wish to change. You will see a screen with all available channels as well as the types of alerts you may choose from. You can change any of the options available and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


You may:

  • Add more notifications alerts
  • Remove existing alerts
  • Change the variables for the notifications that have such options (eg ETA)
  • Change (add/remove) the communication channels for the subject group of notifications

Pause/Delete All Notifications at once

In the My Notifications page, you will find a panel with filters and  two buttons:


If you wish to stop receiving notifications without deleting them permanently, you may simply click the PAUSE ALL button. After you have clicked that, you will see the button now reads START ALL. You may click that to start receiving them again.


To permanently delete your notifications, please click the DELETE ALL button.

Pause/Delete Individual Notifications 

If you wish to pause a specific notification, you can click on the pause button you will find at the right side of the notification panel.


To permanently delete a specific notification, you may click on the trash bin icon on the right side of its panel, then confirm the deletion.


Share Notifications

This feature is only available through Corporate Accounts and enables visibility to important alerts across the company. 

Regardless if you are the Administrator or a User of a Corporate Account, you may share any of your already existing notifications with your Corporate Users by clicking on the share button, then entering the users’ email addresses or simply selecting all of them at once.


In order to un-share a notification with one or more Corporate Users, you may click on the share button, then on the ‘Edit use permissions’ option and remove the respective user(s).


If a notification is shared with one or more Corporate Users, a group’s silhouette icon is shown on the left hand side of the share button.


If the notification is not shared with any Corporate Users, an individual’s silhouette icon is shown on the left hand side of the share button.


How do the shared notifications work?

It is important to note that each generated notification is charged separately. This means that each user will be charged for each notification generated for him, regardless if the notification is shared or not. So, for example, if user A shares a notification with user B, both users A and B will be charged for the notifications generated to each of them, according to the Notification type.

When it comes to editing the shared notifications, this can only be done by the user who shared them. However, the users to whom the notifications were shared can pause or delete the shared notifications from their own account. This will not affect the notifications of the user who shared them in the first place.

Lastly, it is possible to share any type of notification with other users. So, for example, if user A has notifications for his Fleets and Custom Areas, he can perfectly share those notifications with user B.