Manage / Edit your Notifications

Click on the My Notifications option under the My Account section.

Then, click on the Edit My Notifications tab. 


Now you can get an overview of your created groups of notifications. Furthermore, you can manage and edit them in various ways.

First of all, you are able to use the available filters so that you can easily find the group(s) of notifications you are looking for (filters may become very handy if you have created notifications for a lot of assets).

All you have to do is to, simply, apply the appropriate filters from the drop-down menus. You can, also, directly search for a specific asset (Vessel, Port or Fleet) by typing your search term in the relative search field.

Note I: You can immediately reset any filters you may have set by just clicking on the Clear filters option.

Next to the filters, there is a button that enables you to activate or de-activate all your created notifications at once:

  • if your notifications are active and you wish to de-activate them, the PAUSE ALL option will be available. Click on it and you will stop getting any notifications. Keep in mind that your group of notifications will not be deleted; they will just become inactive.


  • if you have de-activated your notifications and you wish to re-activate them, the START ALL option will be available. Click on it to start getting notifications again.


Apart from managing all your notifications at once, you are also able to edit each group of notifications on its own. Notice the blue Edit button on the right side of each group.


Click on this button and a window will pop-up. Use it to perform any editing action related to the notifications bound to the subject asset, such as:

  • Adding more notifications
  • Removing existing notifications
  • Changing the variables for the notifications that have such options
  • Change (add/remove) the communication channels for the subject group of notifications


Note II: If you de-select all the communication channels for a certain asset (and, consequently, for the respective group of notifications), you will stop getting any notifications regarding this asset - this is a way of de-activating notifications for certain groups without using the Start-Pause that was mentioned earlier (which activates / de-activates all groups of notifications).