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Discover the new available Notifications

A whole series of new notifications has been added to the already available ones!

Take advantage of the expanded list of MarineTraffic Notifications and:

  • closely monitor the assets of your choice
  • be constantly up-to-date regarding the latest developments
  • increase your tracking capabilities
  • improve your reaction time on upcoming occurrences
  • create sophisticated reports
  • improve your scheduling
  • never lose control of your operational activities

The Notifications Panel has been completely re-designed to enable yourself to:

Select the notifications that better suit your needs from a broad list of available ones and assign multiple notifications to the assets of your choice! 

Create asset-based notifications for your vessels of interest or for whole fleets of yours! Get information regarding certain ports or combine vessels and ports to be informed on specific events the moment they occur!

Choose the way you want to be notified from a variety of communication channels so that you will always be in control!

Purchase Credits and use them to exceed your Subscription Plan's notification limits without having to worry about reaching them!

Start setting up your notifications now and enjoy the feeling of constantly being one step ahead of future developments!

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  • Avatar
    Leo Romberg

    I cant open my old website

  • Avatar

    @Leo Romberg

    The previous version of the Notifications Panel is no longer available. The whole section has been re-designed in order to enable MarineTraffic users to use all the new features with ease and efficiency.

  • Avatar
    melanie dictado

    2wiks past until now oit of range the ship that i follow..

  • Avatar

    @melanie dictado

    Please, read through the following article:
    Not getting notifications for a certain vessel could be attributed to various reasons. For example, the subject vessel may sail in the open seas where there is no terrestrial AIS coverage (vessel positions can only be received via Satellite-AIS).

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