Search for AIS-Receiving Stations

As with other MarineTraffic assets and objects of maritime interest, AIS-Receiving Stations have their own, dedicated search pages. This way, you can find all the terrestrial receiving stations that the MarineTraffic network is comprised of. To do so, simply, click on the "Participate" option on the MarineTraffic main menu and then, click on the "Receiving Stations" option.




You will be taken to the Explore Tool where you can explore MarineTraffic stations all around the world, along with their key details.




If you are looking for a specific station or location you can directly find it by typing the Station's name (or ID number) or the Place's name in the relative search field. 

Filtering options are also available so that you can further refine your search criteria and narrow down your search results.


If you want to reset all filters click on the "Reset all" option.

If you want to change the key details presented in rows, you can click the Gears icon and decide which filters you want to see.