Am I located in a proper area?

Any sea or navigable inland waters (canals, rivers, lakes) can be covered and shown on the MarineTraffic Live Map in real-time. If you are located near such a place (up to 10 miles from the water or even more if the altitude of your location is high enough) or near a place of special maritime interest (ports, harbors, marinas, canals) or on the top of a mountain (!) then, you may start installing your own AIS-Receiving station!

The most important factors for efficient reception are the altitude (elevation difference from water-level – the higher the better) of your location and an obstacles-free, clear view of the horizon. Additional prerequisites are: the ability to install an external VHF antenna on the roof of your building, the ability to connect the AIS device to the internet by using an Ethernet cable and a constant power supply.

We are very keen to install AIS receivers in areas where no other stations exist. However, the installation of receivers in locations where a nearby station already exists, would still be very useful in many cases since this could significantly improve the quality and the reliability of the collected AIS-data in the subject area.