I am already using Ship Plotter software. How can I contribute?

In case you are already operating a receiving station and you are using the "Ship Plotter" software (or any other similar software) to process and publish your data, then you can easily send us your data without interrupting your current setup at all.

Just configure Ship Plotter to additionally send the data to our server. Go to 'I/O settings' and locate the "UDP peer-to-peer output" section. Enable the output to: Remote IP "", Remote port "5321". It is as simple as that!

It is strongly recommended to register your station by adding it to our stations list. In this case, you will be prompted to use a different port number (other than the default 5321) in order for your data to be distinguished from those coming from other sources.

Note that the same settings may also be applied to other chart-plotter software programs which are capable of processing and forwarding AIS-data.