Comar SLR-350N

The SLR350N is the perfect solution for monitoring AIS-equipped vessels from remote locations and streaming the collected AIS-data to a central control/monitoring station or a database. Utilising the latest 3rd generation digital technology, the dual channel parallel receiver provides excellent range and performance.

All types of AIS messages are decoded and are simultaneously passed to both the USB port and to the Ethernet Network for local display or for sending to a remote server enabling the monitoring of complete coastlines.

This is the AIS receiver model that MarineTraffic currently provides its eligible contributors with for free once their "Apply for a free Receiver" application has been accepted. Moreover, the receiver is sent to the applicant after having been pre-programmed and configured by us. This way, all the recipient contributor has to do is to connect the AIS-receiver to a VHF antenna, to the Internet and to a constant power supply.



Download the SLR-350N User's manual