AIS Dispatcher

AIS Dispatcher (developed by AIS Hub) is an AIS-data forwarding utility which may be used if you want to share your incoming data with MarineTraffic in case you own an AIS receiver with a serial data output.

In addition, AIS Dispatcher may also perform downsampling of the NMEA stream. You can use this feature to reduce your internet connection's bandwidth consumption (if you are using a pay per use or an on-board satellite connection and you are worried about the cost). 

AIS Dispatcher performs downsampling of the incoming data-feed before sending any data to the destination host (the MarineTraffic central database, for example). Downsampling reduces outgoing traffic several times! In particular, for each AIS target (MMSI number) a single set of data must be forwarded to the destination host inside a predefined time window. The following picture graphically represents the downsampling function:

Note that downsampling must be avoided if the data is also used for navigational purposes!


Download AIS Dispatcher for Windows (freeware, zip file, about 1.8 MB)

Download AIS Dispatcher for Linux (freeware, Bash Wget)

Download the AIS Dispatcher manual (pdf)

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