NMEA Router

NMEA Router is a freeware computer software (developed by Neal Arundale) which can be used as an AIS-data forwarding utility. Thus, if you own an AIS receiver with a serial output and you wish to share your AIS-data with MarineTraffic, you may use this utility. The program has been developed with AIS data in mind which is encapsulated within a certain type of an NMEA sentence.

NMEA Router routes NMEA sentences from a Source (for example, an AIS Receiver's Serial Port) to a Destination (for example, the MarineTraffic database).
A Source or a Destination is called a Connection. A Source is linked to a Destination by a Route (for example the data from your AIS Receiver being routed to MarineTraffic).

Download NMEA Router (freeware, .exe file, about 2.8 MB)

Download the NMEA Router manual (pdf)

Visit the developer's website for more info and updates

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