Notes on Firmware Upgrading

[Manual Firmware Upgrading is only applicable to the ELGR-162/ETH and COMAR SLR-200N units]

There are certain steps you should follow in case a firmware update becomes available. Note also that if your AIS receiver becomes unresponsive, performing a firmware flash may do the trick for you!

The overall process of firmware upgrading is not that difficult but you have to make sure that you carefully follow the relevant instructions (if you decide to perform it by yourself) so that you will not cause any permanent damage to your AIS receiver. For example, your unit may become unusable or get damaged if you upload the wrong files to it.

For your convenience, there are available manuals on how to perform firmware upgrades regarding certain AIS receivers which a lot of our contributors use to operate their AIS-receiving stations.

Download the ELGR 162/ETH firmware upgrade manual (pdf)

Download the Comar SLR-200N firmware upgrade manual (pdf)


Note that firmware upgrades on the newer AIS-receiving units (SLR 300N, SLR 350N, and SLR 350Ni) are remotely performed (if necessary) by MarineTraffic.

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