Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts are designed for companies that need to use MarineTraffic solutions across departments or teams. The driving force behind their creation was to offer a way of handling multiple MarineTraffic accounts within a corporate environment much more efficiently.

Instead of having to deal with a number of personal accounts, with Corporate Accounts the administration is centralised. As a result, the administrator - and consequently the company as a whole - is provided with a number of advantages and benefits:

  • Control over the number of users and their services.
  • Control over the total subscription fees.
  • Central assignment of MarineTraffic Online Services and Credits according to the company's needs.

However, the advantages do not end with the centralised administration. With Corporate Accounts you also get:

  • Volume discounts for 3 or more Online Services.
  • Ship owners/managers can manage their vessels' particulars.

To learn how to create your Corporate Account and how to best utilize it, click here.