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Create a Corporate Account

In order to create a Corporate Account, you need to have your personal account registered. If so, most probably you would have already become accustomed to the My Account option. In case you are not, it is located at the upper right corner of the MarineTraffic homepage.

Click on the My Account option to access the My Account Section. The "Corporate Account" option is located just beneath the "Account overview" option.

Click on this tab and you can start creating your own Corporate Account for your company – keep in mind that only the person creating the Corporate Account will have administrative rights!

You will be asked to provide MarineTraffic with information regarding your company and the Corporate Account holder (you). Although you can just fill in the mandatory fields (those marked with *) you are advised to fill in as much more information as possible with precision and accuracy – this way you can build a stronger presence for your company on MarineTraffic Business Directory and make it easier for other users to find your company's details in it.

The registration form is divided into 3 main sections:

  1. Company Info
  2. Contact Info
  3. Company Description

It is recommended that you select "Yes" at the I want my company to be included in the MarineTraffic Business Directory” field – otherwise your company will not be included and other users or even potential future partners or customers will not be able to find your company in it.

Once you are done with filling the registration form, click on the Submit button at the bottom right corner of the form. Your application will be forwarded to MarineTraffic and you will soon be informed via e-mail as to whether it has been approved or not.

Note that every application is manually reviewed. This way, we try to ensure that only trusted companies with operational activities will be included in the MarineTraffic Business Directory.

Once your Corporate Account is approved, all you have to do is to simply Sign-out and then Sign-in again in order for the changes to take effect. From this point on, you will be able to manage your company's Corporate Account. Your newly created Corporate Account will substitute your previous Personal Account.

Note that any possible purchases that may have been made under your personal account will remain at your disposal.

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