Create a Corporate Account

In order to create a Corporate Account, you need to have your personal account registered. Having done so, click on the My Account option to access the My Account Section. Then click on the Corporate Account tab.

There you can start creating your own Corporate Account for your company by inviting your first user:

Corporate.bmpAll invited users will be informed regarding your invitation at the e-mail account you added. By accepting the invitation, your Corporate Account will be activated and they will become active members. They will also get informed that they will not have administrative rights on their accounts as only the Corporate Account administrator can purchase and assign Online Services.

Note I: There is no limitation as to whether the person invited had or did not have a MarineTraffic personal account prior to receiving his Corporate Account invitation:

  • a user that had a MarineTraffic personal account prior to receiving his invitation will just have to accept his invitation. 
  • a user that did not have a MarineTraffic personal account prior to receiving his invitation will be presented with a registration form. Upon completion of this form, he will become a user of the Corporate Account (with no administrative rights).

After the first user has accepted your invitation and your Corporate Account is activated, all you have to do is to sign out and then sign back in order for the changes to take effect. From this point on, you will be able to manage your company's Corporate Account.  

Note II: Your newly created Corporate Account will substitute your previous Personal Account. Any possible purchases that may have been made under your personal account will remain at your disposal.