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Get an Overview of your Corporate Account Status

You can always get a brief overview of your Corporate Account status as basic information will be constantly displayed on top of the Corporate Accounts Dashboard (provided that you have an Active Corporate Account - if your account is not Active then the information box shown on the picture below will not be displayed).

This way you can directly be informed regarding your subscription status, the billing period you have chosen, the next billing amount and the next billing date.

Clicking on the Overview tab will allow you to further monitor your Corporate Account and to gather more information such as:

  • Corporate Account Details

In this section, you are able to view a brief description of your company based on the information you have provided us during the registration process of your Corporate Account. Clicking on the name of your company will get you to the Business Directory page of it. Clicking on the Edit button at the bottom right corner of this section will allow you to make any necessary alterations or additions to every piece of information regarding your company.

Note: For more info about editing your company's details please refer to Business Profile.

  • Users

In the Users section you can view the number of active users (including yourself) that are linked to this Corporate Account as well as the number of pending invitations which informs you about the number of users that have been invited to actively use this Corporate Account but have not replied yet. You can also invite new users to your Corporate Account.

Note: For more info about inviting new users please refer to Invite Other Users.

  • Plans & Add-ons

This section directly informs you regarding the total amount of MarineTraffic services & Credits that you have purchased and are at your disposal so that you can assign them to yourself or to any other user of this Corporate Account.

Note: For more info about assigning services & credits to other users please refer to Assign Plans, Add-ons & Credits.

Note that next to the name of each Subscription Plan and Add-on there is an indication which informs you about the number of the allocated services that are already in use by you or any other user of this Corporate Account and the total number of the respective service's items you have at your disposal.

You can also click on the relative Buy links in order to purchase more services.

Note: For more info about purchasing more Subscription Plans and Add-ons please refer to Buy more Plans & Add-ons.

  • Credits

This section informs you about the available Credits you have at your MarineTraffic corporate account. You are also able to buy more Credits by just clicking on the Buy more button.

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