MarineTraffic-provided AIS Receivers

MarineTraffic constantly tries to expand and improve on the overall coverage of its network of AIS-receiving stations. Thus, in many cases, we are able to provide our contributors with free AIS-receivers. In case you are interested in participating, you can use our special form to apply for a free AIS receiver. All applications are evaluated by us. During the evaluation process, applications such as the following ones are most likely to be accepted:

  • The proposed location is not already covered by other MarineTraffic stations
  • The proposed location is of special interest (busy ports, high-traffic sea routes, high altitude)
  • The applicant has some experience in dealing with similar technology or, in general, with radio equipment

Through all of these years of expanding our network and running the "Apply for a free receiver" campaign, there has been a variety of AIS-receiving devices that were offered to our contributors. In chronological order (newest first):

Click on the respective receiver's model-name to find more information on it as well as downloadable manuals.