Get an Overview of your Account Status

When you click on the My Account option, the Account Overview tab is pre-selected.


This way, you are always able to get a brief overview of your account status regarding:

  • Account Details
  • Subscription Info
  • Usage Overview
  • Notifications
  • Credits

From the Account Details section, you are able to see basic information regarding your MarineTraffic account. You are also able to change your MarineTraffic access credentials (e-mail and password).

The Subscription Info section informs you about your selected MarineTraffic Online Services (purchased or in a trial), their expiration date and status (active/inactive).

From the Usage Overview section, you can view info regarding your fleet(s). The overall size of your fleet(s) depends on the Fleet Service you have selected or Legacy Plan.

The same principle applies to the Notifications section. You are able to see the total number of E-mail and SMS alerts you have available and their usage details. You can also start/pause all your notifications in a breeze!

Finally, you can get informed about your available Credits. Click on the Buy more button to purchase more Credits in case you wish to exceed the notification limitations of your subscription plan.