Live Map Types

The Live Map may be utilized with 4 different layers (Light map, Dark map, Satellite map, and Nautical Charts map) that can help you have a better and more objective view of the world based on your preference. 

In this article, we will learn more about this through the following:

How to change the Map Type?

You can hover over the Map Icon on the Live Map and choose one of the Map Type options as shown on the pop up. 

GIFMaker_me (5).gif

Different types of Map

There are several available Map Types to alter how the Live Map is displayed on your screen. You can select the Map Type of your preference from the following options:

  • Light map

light m.pngThe cleaner version of typical Google Maps. Includes land routes and roads on the land areas and basic terrain visualisation. 

  • Dark map

dark ma.jpg

The upgraded version of Simple Map with more detailed terrain visualisation.

  • Satellite map

sat ma.png

This type of map provides a visualisation using images of Earth collected by imaging satellites.

  • Nautical Charts

A map that displays everything in dark blue colors, for better visualisation of features, such as Past Track, vessel icons, and playback. Earth colours correspond to land, while lighter blue corresponds to sea. 

A unique map type that offers a detailed, global view of navigable waters. Ideal for course plotting and determining waypoints. 

nautical 1.png

Nautical Charts Icons Explained 

With the Nautical Charts, you can see highly detailed charts of navigable waters, with bathymetry, landmarks, and sea hazards. Here is a list of the icons you will find explained for your easier use of the map:


Land area and coastline


Special marks (international and US symbols)


Buoy and beacon top marks




Safe water marks (international and US symbols)


Caution area