Search the Live Map using the Live Map Toolbar

Click on the Search icon on the Live Map Toolbar. An expandable menu will be brought out: 

You can either search for Vessels or Ports or search for a certain Location. Just enter your search term in the corresponding field.

Search results will be displayed next to the Live Map Toolbar.

All maritime assets (vessels, ports) that contain (or have a similar name with) your search term will be displayed in the search results window. The icons next to each vessel's name notate the current moving status (underway or anchored) and type. 

Click on any vessel and the Live Map will zoom in directly to her location (as long as she is in range). Click on an out of range vessel and you will be transferred to the respective Vessel Details page.

Searching for Locations is similar to the above-mentioned procedure. However, there is also the Go to Area option, for your convenience.

Click on the Select Area field and a drop-down list will appear. It will contain the most common areas of interest. Select one and you will immediately get there.