Live Map Layers for Advanced Live Map

Live map layers are a set of tools that overlay advanced live map information.
ll the available layers that you can utilize in order to gain the most out of the MarineTraffic Live Map, are listed below.

Map Type 

The Map Type section on the Layers toolbar will allow you to change the view of the live map to view one of the below types: 

  • Standard Map 
  • Simple Map 
  • Satellite Map
  • Nautical Charts 
  • Dark Map

You can do this by clicking on the dropdown respective to the Map Type option as shown below:

You can find more information about the different Map types here.

Note: All map types apart from Nautical Charts can be accessed by Guests and Registered Users. 


Map Features

The Map Features section will allow you to display multiple vessel and map information on the Live Map. This section includes 7 different options. 


  • Show Vessel Names: You can activate this option to see the names of the vessels displayed on the Live Map.


  • Projected Course: You can activate this option and set zoom level to >=8 to see a projected trail of each vessel's course on the Live Map. The displayed trail is an estimation based on the recently recorded positions of the corresponding vessel, her current direction, her destination and the sea route she is on and the length of the line is dependent on the speed. The projected course will take into account if a vessel is performing a turn manoeuvre, so the line, in this case, will not appear as straight but will be in a circular trajectory. When multiple vessels are displayed on the map, not all trajectories are shown to provide a simplified view. To view all available courses, the map needs to be further zoomed in.


  • Vessel Speed, Destination etc: You can activate this option to get more information next to each vessel, such as speed, destination and time of latest position. This option will only be visible on zoom level >=8.

  • Anchor Swinging Circles: At zoom level >=13, this option allows you to check the Maximum Swinging Circles of Anchored Vessels, based on the dimensions and the latest movements of the vessels. 
  • Graticule: Activate this option to display the Latitude and Longitude lines on the Live Map.


  • Daylight: You can activate this option if you would like to see where there is daylight on the live map at any given time. 

  • Time Zone: When activated, the live map will be displayed in different colors where each color corresponds to a different time zone. 


Points of Interest

The Points of interest section includes a set of layers that allow you to overlay corresponding icons that mark Ports, Marinas, Stations, Lighthouses and more. This section includes 6 different option as shown below:

  • Ports: You can display port icons on the Live Map by checking on the box respective to this option. 

  • Marinas: You can activate this option to display all marinas that can be found on the Live Map. 

  • Stations: You can activate this option if you like to see all of our Terrestrial AIS stations.

You can learn more about our stations here

  • Lighthouses & AtoN: This option allows you to activate any navigation aids, such as lighthouses, buoys, fog signals, and day beacons and display them on the live map. 

  • Photos: You can activate this option to see vessels with available photos in a given area. 

  • Business Directory: You can display or hide any business directory icon on the Live map using this option. 


Areas of Interest

The Areas of Interest provides you with an option to display different geographical areas on the Live Map. This section includes 12 different options as shown below:


  • Show Area Names: While all other areas of interest are enabled on the live map, you can activate this option to display their names. 


  • My Custom Areas: You can activate this option to display all of your custom area on the Live Map. 


  • Standard Areas: under the Areas of Interest section, you will also see different options that you can enable which will allow you to plan/monitor a safe voyage while making sure to avoid certain areas or be aware of the increased danger/risk while the vessel traverses these locations. 


Note: All the above layers can be combined based on your preference in order to achieve a more efficient result when using the Live Map. 

- Available with the Professional and Professional Plus plans -