Use the Layers of the Live Map Toolbar

Click on the Layers icon on the Live Map Toolbar. The Layers menu will be brought out. 

From the Map type option, you can select which map type you prefer to be displayed on the Live Map area. For a list of all available Map Types, click here

Note: You can also directly change the Map Type using the relevant option at the upper right corner of the Live Map as shown on the picture below.

Next to each option, there is a checkbox. Tick on any of the available checkboxes to activate or de-activate the respective layer. Let's have a look at what each option is about:

  • Show Vessel Names: Activate this option and the name of each vessel will be displayed on the Live Map along with the vessel icon.
  • Vessel Speed, Destination etc: Activate this option to get more information next to each vessel, such as their speed, destination and time of latest position.
  • Projected Course: Activate this option and you will be able to see a projected trail of each vessel's course on the Live Map. The displayed trail is an estimation based on the recently recorded positions of the corresponding vessel, her current direction, her destination and the sea route she is on. You can set the projected course time period (in minutes) in the adjacent field - keep in mind that the length of each trail depends on each vessel's speed so not all trails will have the same length. Note, also, that you may come across trails which will not be displayed as straight lines as we have added the Rate of Turn variable to the equation - this way vessels that are performing turn manoeuvres can be instantly distinguished!

You are also able to select more objects of maritime interest to be displayed on the Live Map, such as:

  • Ports
  • Marinas / Small Ports
  • Stations
  • Lights & AtoNs (Aids to Navigation)

Note II: The above-mentioned items will be displayed with their respective icon on the Live Map for easier identification.

  • Activate the Photos layer to display small-sized photos of vessels on the Live Map.
  • Tick the selection boxes next to the My Custom Areas option to view your created Custom Areas on the Live Map.
  • the Business Directory layer enables to activate/de-activate the icons of the Companies listed in the MarineTraffic Business Directory on the Live Map. Note that this layer is activated by default. You must have signed in to be able to de-activate it.

The following Layers are available only with the Advanced Live Map Service and the MarineTraffic Essential Bundle:

  • activate the Daylight layer to get immediately informed about the areas of the world which are sunlit at any given moment. The Daylight option remains active regardless of the part of the world you have selected to be displayed on your screen.
  • activate the Time Zone layer to be able to tell the Time Zone (GMT-based) at any part of the world at a glance! 
  • activate the Piracy Zones layer to see areas of the world where the risk of piracy is higher and constant reporting is suggested.
  • activate the ECA Zones layer to view the sea areas where Emission Controls are applied. 
  • activate the Graticule layer to view the grid used in the geographic coordinate system.

Note III: Combine the available Layers and Filters options to personalise the information displayed on the Live Map according to your actual needs.