Display Density Maps on the Live Map

Click on the Density Maps icon on the Live Map Toolbar to activate Traffic Density Maps which will overlay the Live Map. 


The toggle button enables you to switch Density Maps ON and OFF. The All Traffic tab is selected by default. Use the Year buttons to get Density Maps for the respective year(s) (2021, 2022). The selected year(s) will be highlighted. Click on the same button once again to de-activate it. You can also activate both buttons to get Density Maps containing data for both years.

Upon activation, you can view Density Maps that will include all types of vessels that had recorded positions during the selected time period. Use the Opacity slider to define the way you want the Density Maps to overlay the Live Map ranging from transparent to opaque (left to right).

If you have selected to display data from both years, the Opacity slider will turn into the Crossfade between years slider ranging from 2021 to 2022 (left to right). Slide it to display the corresponding information.


 Depending on the overall traffic, Density Maps will be colored respectively. There is a metric bar on the left-hand side of the Live Map, to help you identify its color and its value. The color coding is based on a rather compound algorithm. The numbers refer to distinct vessels on a daily basis and count positions per square Km. 


Note I: You can purchase the Enterprise Plan to get Density Maps per Vessel Type (Cargo, Tankers, Fishing, Containers) by simply clicking on the relevant tab.

Depending on your Type selections, the layers of the Density Maps will have the respective color for easier identification. For example:

  • Vessel Type layers will be coloured blue for Passengers Vessels, red for Tankers and so on. 

Note II: Each option has its own opacity slider so that you can determine not only which ones to be displayed but, also, the opacity of the respective layer. 

Moreover, you are able to define the order of the Vessel Types categories. Simply, drag any Vessel Type box to re-order it in place. This will result in altering the displayed Density Maps. The Vessel Types that you order higher on the list will overcoat the others on the Live Map. For example, suppose you wish to get Density Maps mainly for Tankers. Then, you should drag them to the top of the Vessel Types list so that the red layer will be displayed on top of the rest. In short, you are able to focus on the Type(s) you are most interested in.

Note III: You are also able to crossfade between years regarding a specific Vessel Type. Simply, activate both years and select the Vessel Type of choice. The respective opacity slider can now be used to crossfade (similarly to the All Traffic slider).