How can I get more updated vessels' positions?

All MarineTraffic users have free access to vessels' positions as recorded by our network of terrestrial AIS-receiving stations. However, the typical range of them is limited to a certain distance. Thus, if a vessel is sailing in a remote area she may appear to be Out of Range. Satellite-AIS comes as an ideal supplement in such cases.

In order to enable Satellite-AIS tracking, you have two available options:

  • Purchase The Sat Global Service, to access the most recent satellite positions (depending on the version) for the global fleet.
  • or purchase the Sat Flexible Service, to get undelayed global coverage for the number of vessels you choose.

Upon purchasing a SAT product, make sure to activate undelayed satellite tracking for the vessels of interest. Click here to learn how

Note: If you are interested in certain vessels, you can always check whether newer positions of them are available via Satellite-AIS. Simply, go to the respective vessel's detail page. From there, you can see whether newer positions via Satellite AIS are available.

What's more, if you are a vessel owner or operator, you can get Enhanced Satellite Tracking using the Inmarsat-C terminal of the subject vessel. Upon activation, you can rest assured that there will be at least one position report during the predefined interval that you have set.
Note II: Satellite-AIS tracking may be less effective if the subject vessel is equipped with a Class B AIS transponder. Such units are smaller, simpler and lower cost compared to Class A transponders but their signal is weaker making it harder for satellites to pick-up AIS messages coming from them.