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View your Purchase History

You can easily find and review all your past transactions with MarineTraffic. Just enter the My Account Section and click on the "Purchase History" option.

If you had made any purchases in the past, all of them would be shown here. Transactions are ordered by date (Date) starting from the most recent one. Each transaction has its own unique Order Number while you will be able to find a short description of the purchased item (Item), the price paid for it (Price) and some additional details (Details) which also contain information on the selected billing period (monthly/annual).

Click on the respective button at the right end of each transaction's record and you will also be able to get a printable invoice of it. The invoice pops-up on your screen and you can get it printed by just clicking on the Print button located at the bottom of it.

Note: Make sure you have provided MarineTraffic with correct and accurate information during your registration process so that the invoices will also be accurate!


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