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Explore MarineTraffic's Photo Directory and find thousands of vessel photos easily. Click on the Photos tab on the MarineTraffic main menu.Main_Menu_-_Photo.pngor, click on the View All link on the Latest Photos Box.Laste_Photo.pngYou can now search the Photo Directory from the MarineTraffic Vessel Photos pageYou can define your search criteria in various ways so that every search you make can be fully personalized.

Most photos depict vessels, but there are also other photos of maritime interest such as ports, lights as well as aerial ones (mainly from marinas). You can select in which category you wish to search.Upon selecting a category, you can directly enter a keyword in the relative field and immediately get your search results.

There is also a series of search filters which you can make use of to further refine your criteria. When searching for vessels you can perform searches based on the first letter of the vessels' name. You can directly change the first letter by just clicking on another one or completely remove any letter by just clicking on the X button as shown below.

You can, also, perform searches by Rating (average rating from MarineTraffic registered users), Number of Votes (as voted by MarineTraffic registered users) or Original Size (expressed in MegaPixels). All you have to do is to simply drag the respective slider and set your criteria.

The photos that are displayed after each search can then be ordered by Date Uploaded, Rating or Number of Votes.

You are able to quickly reset all the filters you may have used in your last search by just clicking on the Clear filters option. In case you want to completely close the filters window, click on the Hide filters tab - the filters window will retract (without resetting any already applied filters). In order for it to re-appear, just click on the Show filters tab (of course, this tab is only visible when the filters window is retracted).

The way the photos are displayed can be altered by selecting one of the two display options. This way you can choose the arrangement of the photos on your screen.

Finally, you can use the Upload a photo option to upload your own photos to the MarineTraffic photo gallery. Click here to read more on this subject.

At the bottom of the Vessel Photos page, there are some other options which enable you to move through the result pages, choose the number of photos per page and get information about the overall number of available photos that match your search criteria each time.Click on the arrows to move to the next (or previous) page or directly enter the page number you wish to go to. Select from 10, 20 or 50 results per page to define the number of photos that will be displayed on each page.

As you can see there are various parameters which define both the search results that you get and the way these are to be displayed on your screen.