Upload Photos

Any registered user to MarineTraffic is able to upload photos of maritime interest which will be included in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory.

You may come across Upload a photo buttons in various spots as you go about MarineTraffic. For example, in the Vessel Photos page. 

Upload_a_photo.pngor by clicking on the Photos Uploaded option in the My Account Section.

photo_from_my_account.pngClicking on any such button will result in getting you to the MarineTraffic Photo Upload page. You can directly get to this page from the MarineTraffic Main Menu by clicking on the Community tab and then on the Photo Upload option. 


Asset Details and Photo Location

Click on the Browse button and locate the photo you wish to upload to MarineTraffic Photo Directory, on your computer. Find the vessel that is depicted in your photo by typing its name in the appropriate field (Name). As you start typing a list of vessels with similar names will appear. Select the correct one from the drop-down list that appears so that her MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) or IMO (International Maritime Organisation) number will be auto-completed as well as her Type. In case there is no EXIF data (which digital cameras use as a standard that specifies the photo's formats and ancillary tags) available for the certain photo, complete the Date Taken field using the suggested format (yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm). Enter the name of the Copyright Holder / Photographer in the respective field. The User field will be auto-completed provided you have signed-in to your MarineTraffic account. Finally, you can add a short description of the photo in the Photo Legend/Comments field.

Asset_details_and_photo_location.pngFind the location where the photo was taken on the map. For your convenience, MarineTraffic may ask for your permission to track your position automatically. However, if the location of the photo differs from your current location you should manually find the photo location on the map. Once the location is set on the map, Latitude and Longitude fields will be auto-completed. Additionally, you can fill the Place of the photo in the Place of Photo field.

Please, make sure that:

  • the provided information in the upload form is correct as we try to ensure that all photos included in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory are of high quality and have accurate details.
  • your photo complies with the MarineTraffic photo standards.
  • your photo does not violate any copyrights.

When you are ready, click on the Submit button at the bottom right corner of the upload form. Your selected photo will then be uploaded to the MarineTraffic servers. Our team of photo moderators (MarineTraffic community-based) will review it and, after its approval, it will be displayed publicly in the MarineTraffic photo directory (this process may last up to 48 hours). 

Note: You can find all your uploaded photos in one place by just clicking on the Photos uploaded option in My Account Section. From there you can also manage your uploaded photos' details, provide additional information or, even, delete them.