Edit the Particulars of your Managed Vessels

Once you have successfully claimed the management of your vessels, you are going to be able to edit their Particulars and select the Default Photo for them. This way, you can provide all MarineTraffic users with any updated information and define the Photo that will be displayed on your vessels' InfoWindows and on other MarineTraffic pages that are related to them.

Click on the My Managed Vessels option in the My Account Section. A list of your managed vessels will be displayed under the Managed Vessels tab.

Click on the Edit Vessel's Details button which is located at the right end of each vessel's row. 


Using the available options in the window that will pop-up, you can perform a series of actions:

  • edit the vessel's name (Ship Name) in case it is wrongly displayed or if it has changed
  • edit the vessel's dimensions (Length, Width)
  • change the vessel's type (Ship Type)
  • select the vessel's Default Photo by simply clicking on the one you prefer

Click on the Submit button at bottom right corner for the changes to take effect.