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Vessel InfoWindow

Bring out the Vessel InfoWindow by simply clicking on any vessel icon on the Live Map.

The Vessel InfoWindow contains all the details regarding the selected vessel as well as Voyage Forecasts (the latter is the default view when bringing out a Vessel InfoWindow - click on the previous link to learn more).

Click on the "Menu" option to alter the content of the InfoWindow and perform a series of Actions on Map or find More Info about the subject vessel.

The "Actions On Map" options enable you to:

Options under the "More Info" section enable you to:

You can also use the other Action Buttons to:

In addition, you can visit the Photo Details pages of the vessel by just clicking on the photo of her (if there are any available photos - hovering your mouse's index over the photo will also let you know about the total number of them).

Finally, you may click on the "X" button to close the InfoWindow.

What else could someone ask for? All the information in one place!


Note that the Vessel InfoWindow will differ when you click on vessel icons that sail out of range of terrestrial AIS-receiving Stations. 

You have to subscribe to a Satellite AIS product (SAT / SAT PRO subscription plan or SAT Add-on), to get full access!

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