How a vessel icon, color, and shape are displayed on the Live Map is dependant on the vessel's type and status. In this article, more about this and how these vessel icons can help you utilize the service. 

Recent positions of all ships which carry an AIS transponder are lastingly being recorded via the MarineTraffic network of AIS-receiving stations to its database. This way, thousands of vessel positions are available at any given moment on the Live Map.

The colour of each vessel icon notates the subject vessel's type. You may use the Live Map Toolbar Filters to choose which types of ships you prefer to be displayed on the Live Map (the Filters section may also serve as an easily accessible reminder, in case you have not gotten accustomed to the icons' colours yet).

The vessel icons also represent the status (moving/stopped) of the corresponding ships. Also, the direction that each (moving) vessel's icon is pointing to, indicates the subject vessel's actual course. 

By clicking on any vessel icon on the Live Map, you bring out the Vessel InfoWindow. The Vessel InfoWindow contains all the details regarding the selected vessel such as the route, the Estimated Time of Arrival, the Speed and the Load Condition.

Furthermore, you can create your own Fleet of vessels! This will allow you to closely monitor the vessels of your choice! Search the MarineTraffic database or directly on the Live Map to find the vessels that interest you the most and, simply, add them to your fleet. Build multiple fleets to organise the vessels you are monitoring more efficiently and create personalised fleet-based notifications. This way, you will always be up-to-date regarding the activity of your favourite vessels in no time! To learn more about how to best use all the Vessel features and create Fleets, please click here.