Custom Areas

You can create your own Custom Areas of interest and get them displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map.


There is no limit as to what you can mark on the Live Map as your Areas. You can create combined sea and land Areas, monitor lakes, canals - anything you can think of. If you are a Basic User you can create a single Custom Area; if you are looking to create more, you can consider purchasing the Custom Area Service.

Closely monitor all the marine activity surrounding your Custom Areas and capture all the "action" on territories you define! Combine them with our detailed Nautical Charts (sold as a separate Online Service) to create specified Areas matching your exact interests and occupational activities!


Once you have created your Areas, you can consider the option of setting-up related Notifications to be constantly informed about any vessel that enters, leaves or crosses a Custom Area of yours (or any standard area of maritime interest). 

To learn more about how to start creating and managing your own Areas, please click here.