Create / Manage your Custom Areas

Enter the My Account section and click on the My Custom Areas option. Using the available options you can create your Custom areas of interest or manage the ones you have already created, which can all be displayed on the Live Map.


To create a new custom area, start by clicking on the Create New Area button. Doing so will result in bringing out all the available options along with a map of the world upon which you may draw your area.

Using the options from the left-side menu, you can select:

  • the map type (simple, satellite) and the Terrain visualisation
  • the shape of your area (circle, polygon, line or a single point)
  • the radius around the centre (available to circular or linear areas only)

Note: If you select to create a point or a circular area, you can also define the Lat/Lon coordinates by using the relevant fields.

You can also use the Clear Area button to start drawing from scratch or the Show Areas button to view any other areas you may have created on the map - a nice way to avoid creating duplicate areas!

Thus, to create a new Custom Area:

  1. Drag the map around, zoom in or out to get to the desired part of it.
  2. Select type to draw using the relevant options (Point, Circle, Polygon, Line)
  3. If you have selected to draw a Point or a Circle, left-click on the map to draw your area.
  4. Use the Radius option to define the size of circular areas.

  • If you have selected to draw a Polygon or a Line every time you click on the map a new point will be added so that you can create the desired shape. 
  • To create a polygonal area you must return to your starting point
  • To create a linear area click on the last-created point. Use the Radius option to define the width of your linear area.

Once you have finished drawing your area of choice, use the available fields to:

  1. Name your Area (Area Name - mandatory field)
  2. Add a Description to your Area (Area Description)
  3. Select the colour of your Area (Area Color)

Then, click on the Submit button to save your Area! Clicking on the Cancel button will result in the drawing map and all the relevant options retracting without saving.

Note II: You can only create one Area at a time. If you want to create multiple areas, you should repeat the above-mentioned process accordingly.

Now, all your created areas will be listed below the Create New Custom Area option. Areas are presented in rows with each row representing an area you have created. The icon next to each area's name lets you know of its shape and colour in no time!

Using the buttons at the right end of each row, you can (from left to right):

  • View the corresponding Area on the MarineTraffic Live Map
  • Edit the corresponding Area
  • Delete the corresponding Area 

Finally, you can click on the Area Name column header to order your Areas by name. Click twice to reverse this order.