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Introduction of Custom Areas

Create your own customised Areas and have them displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map!

This new feature is available to all registered MarineTraffic users! Depending on your interests or your occupational activities you can create Custom Areas that suit your needs! 

Note that under a Basic subscription plan you can create up to 10 Custom Areas while there is no limit on the amount of Areas you can create if you have subscribed to a PREMIUM, PRO or SAT subscription plan! 

Create multiple Areas,

combine your Areas with other MarineTraffic features such as Points,

use Density Maps to create custom Areas around places of high interest,

use your Areas alongside detailed Nautical Maps (feature available to Pro plan subscribers and above) to mark your own areas of interest on them!

Try out the new feature for yourself. Stay tuned because shortly there will be even more ways to get personalised information regarding the Areas you set!

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