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Communication Channels

Select the way you want to be informed regarding the notifications of your choice through one or more of the available communication channels:


• E-Mail: Select this channel and you will be getting your notifications on the e-mail account you are using with MarineTraffic. Every time that an occurrence triggers a notification, you will be directly informed. Cost is 1 Credit per 10 e-mails.


• Mobile Push (available to mobile devices using Android or iOS operating systems)Selecting this channel will enable you to be getting your notifications on your mobile phone or tablet directly from our servers. This way, when occurrences trigger your selected notifications a pushed messaged will be displayed on your mobile device's screen. Cost is 1 Credit per 10 pushed notifications. 

(Note that in order to be able to receive mobile pushed notifications, you must have the MarineTraffic Application installed on your mobile device and be signed-in to it. Click to learn more and download the Android version or the iOS version of the MarineTraffic mobile application)


• Text (SMS): If you select to be informed via Text (SMS), you will be getting SMS text messages on your phone. This means that you will be immediately notified even when you are in places without internet access. Cost is 3 Credits per Text (SMS).

(Note that you must have provided MarineTraffic with your mobile phone's number. If you have not done so, you will not be able to use this channel. You can, however, edit your profile options at any time and fill in the missing information)


You can activate multiple channels simultaneously for the same notification or different channels for different notifications - such decisions are completely up to you. To do so, use the Notifications Wizard to specify the way you want to be informed when setting up your notifications or manage your already created notifications and edit them at any time!

In case you want to be receiving more notifications than your subscription plan's limits you can:

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