Perform Advanced Searches for Vessels

Using the detailed Vessel Search pages, you will be able to perform any kind of related searches while applying various filters and defining your search criteria in a wide range of ways. Simply click on the Vessels button on the Toolbar and select the kind of search you wish to perform.Main_Meny_Vessel_Selected.pngThere are 4 available categories to search in: 

  • All Vessels (search in the MarineTraffic Vessel Directory for every single recorded vessel)
  • In Range (search for in range vessels only)
  • My Fleet (get a detailed overview of the vessels that belong to your fleets)
  • Near Me (search for vessels that are near your current location) 

Depending on your choice of category, searches will be performed in the respective directories. There are different filtering options in each category as well as some display differences on the information shown regarding each vessel.

You are able to directly search for vessels by just typing your search term in the relevant field.

As already mentioned, different filters appear depending on the category you are searching in. If you want to reset all filters click on the Clear filters option. If you want the filtering options to be retracted click on the Hide Filters tab - notice that hiding filters will not reset them. 

All search results that match your search criteria will be displayed in rows. Each row refers to a certain ship and contains various information regarding her. At the bottom of each search page, there are some display options which:

  • inform you about the total number of records found that match your search criteria
  • enable you to navigate through search results pages by entering a page number or selecting the next or previous one
  • let you decide on the desired amount of search results per page (10/20/50)