Search for In Range Vessels

Click on the Vessels tab on the Toolbar to access the MarineTraffic recorded vessels' search pages. Select the Vessels in Range option. Vessels_in_Range.pngThis way you can directly start searching for vessels that are within the range of any of the AIS-receiving stations that comprise the MarineTraffic Network at the moment of the search. Use the available filters to further refine your search criteria:

  • First Letter (search for vessel names which start with a specific letter)
  • Flag (search for vessels under a certain flag)
  • Ship Type (get results regarding vessels of a specific type)
  • Length/Speed (use the respective sliders to further refine your search criteria)

Search results are presented, as usual, in rows. Some fields are informative (Flag, Type, Length x Breadth, Destination) but you can perform various actions by clicking on the links provided in the others.

  • Click on the Vessel Name to get to the Vessel Details page of her (notice that the icon below the vessel's name informs you about her movement status)
  • Click on the Photo to view all the photos (if available) of this vessel in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory
  • Click on the Area link if the vessel is stopped to get to the Port Details page of the port she is currently in
  • Click on the Received icon to view the vessel's position on the Live Map
  • Use the My Fleet options to manage this vessel in relation to your fleet(s)

Note: You can order the displayed results by clicking on one of the following column titles: Vessel Name, Photo, Type, Area, Received. Click twice on the same column title to reverse this order.

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