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All the available information and related material regarding any ship are accessible through the MarineTraffic Vessel Details Page.

The most common and easy ways to access this page are:


Using the Vessel Details page, you are able to get all the basic information regarding any vessel,

add her to your Fleet(s) using the Fleet controls on the top right corner (or manage the vessel's Fleet Status if she is already part of your Fleet) and/or directly create Vessel-based Notifications.

Using the Voyage Forecasts section, you are able to get forward-looking information regarding the subject vessel as well as:

Information about the vessel's current status and position (as received by our network of AIS-receiving stations) is available at the "Latest Position" section together with:

  • a list of other Vessels that are close to her
  • direct view her position on the Live Map
  • information regarding the weather and wind conditions on the area she is at (note that weather data are model-based and not real-time observations sent by the ships. The maximum resolution is 0.2 degrees - approximately 12 NM. The values displayed are based on the available weather data referring to the closest location in relation to the subject vessel's AIS-transmitted position).

You can also view any vessel's  most Recent Port Calls.

In some cases, you will also be able to see the "In the News" section. Through this section, you will be able to read articles related to the vessel as published by gCaptain (Remember you can have access to all the latest maritime news from the News button on the Live Map).

From the top right part of the Vessel Details page, you may access all the photos of the vessel in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory,

or even upload your own Photos of her!

Note that uploading photos using the link in the Vessel Details page will result in auto-completing the fields referring to the vessel in the Photo Upload page, as shown on the following picture:


Another great feature of the Vessel Details Page is that you can interact with the Vessel Timeline plot diagram! 

Finally, you can access all the information regarding the Vessel's Particulars.

Note that you have to be a Pro plan subscriber and above in order to

  • use the Voyage Forecasts tool to its full extent
  • be able to view and interact with the Vessel Timeline feature
  • be able to access all the available information in the Vessel Particulars section


With so much information gathered in one place, it is certain that you will easily find what you are looking for in no time!

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