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Vessel Timeline

Vessel Timeline is a sophisticated plot diagram which displays useful information regarding a vessel's speed and draught profile during the past period (the reference period depends on each vessel's activity).




The red line indicates the vessel's speed while the blue area notates the vessel's draught. On top of these, you are able to see the most recent Port Calls of the vessel (Green icon for Arrivals - Red icon for Departures) as well as her current Destination (the Blue icon - when available).

It is very easy to get information for specific time or date. All you have to do is to hover your mouse's index over the plot diagram area. (Hovering over any icon will also inform you about the respective Port Call)




Date is presented on the horizontal axis while Speed and Draught are both presented on the vertical one (0 point is located on the middle of the axis so that Speed is presented above it while Draught is presented below it).




You can access the Vessel Timeline at any time from the Vessel Details page. Information, displayed on it, is constantly being updated - as soon as new data is recorded by MarineTraffic, it is taken into account.


Note: This feature is now available to all users! The maximum length (in terms of time) of the displayed track however depends on your subscription plan or bundle. You can check the limits here.

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