Vessel Particulars

In this article, you will learn how you can find information on the dimensions, owner and manager, engine of the vessel and many more particulars.

MarineTraffic users can have access to the basic information regarding any Vessel that is available under the Vessel Information section in the Vessel Details page.

However, only users who have purchased the Vessel Particulars service or any of MarineTraffic Plans, as well as legacy plan subscribers, have access to all available information, such as:

  • General Vessel`s information
  • Ownership & Associated Parties
  • Structure & Machinery
  • Dimensions
  • Tonnage, Capacity & Loadline
  • Ex. Names History (tab appears only if Vessel has name history)

Note I: Information related to the vessel`s ownership can be found either under the section “Ownership & Associated Parties” in the vessel's details page as shown below or by using our Explore Tool under the Vessels Database section. While being on the Vessels Database page please click on the Cogwheel icon and select the particulars you are interested in. 
Note II: Please keep in mind that for each vessel there are different information categories available. The information displayed is updated whenever any kind of changes affect a specific vessel one way or another. Most of the Vessels with an IMO (International Maritime Organisation) number will have much more of available details and information in the Vessel Information section.