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Vessel Particulars / Master Data

Access all the available information about any vessel at any time from the Vessel Particulars section of the Vessel Details page.

All MarineTraffic users can have access to basic information regarding any ship using the "General" tab (which is the pre-selected one) and find out each ship's Ex Names (if any, the "Ex Names History" tab will be available). They can also view and download Public Documents (if available) regarding the subject vessel.


Note: MarineTraffic Pro plan subscribers and above and selected bundles users can have access to all of the available information.




Most vessels with an IMO (International Maritime Organisation) number will have a lot of available details and information in the "Vessel Particulars" section, such as:

  • Ownership/Management details (you can find this piece of information by clicking on the "Companies" tab)
  • a series of Technical Details (Build, Surveys, Dimensions, Engine Details, Loadline, Structure, Tonnage/Capacity)
  • their distinctive Call Sign ("Contacts" tab)
  • more Vessel Documents (Public and Default - if available)


Note II: The information displayed is updated whenever any kind of changes affect a specific vessel one way or another (there is a "Last update" indication on the top right corner of the section).

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