Get a Vessel's Itineraries History

You can access the Itineraries History page of any vessel in two ways:

  • by clicking on the Itineraries History link from the Vessel InfoWindow


  • or by clicking on the Itineraries History link in the Voyage Info section of the Vessel Details page.

 In any case, you will be able to get to the Itineraries History page of the vessel you are interested in (as recorded by MarineTraffic). In this page, you will find each vessel's Daily Itineraries, including Midnight and Midday positions as well as her Arrivals to Ports and her Departures from them. 

You can search for the Itineraries History of any vessel by typing the vessel's name in the appropriate search field. 

From the filters section, you are able to view the combined Itineraries History of the vessels that belong to your fleet(s) from the Select Fleet option. There are also fleet-related buttons to Show your Fleets on the Live Map and to Manage your Fleets, in case you need to do so.

You are also able to define a different Date Range regarding the search results you are interested in getting.

As with every MarineTraffic page that displays search results, there are also the Reset Filters and Hide Filters options at the right end of the Filters section. You can also view the Data Export button (use it if you are interested in getting older data) and a quick-link to the Details page of the vessel you have used for your search.

The results are displayed in rows and each row is a record regarding the Itineraries History of the vessel(s) in question.You can click on the Vessel Name or on the Port Name to get to the Vessel Details page or to the Port Details page of her, respectively. Click on the Show on Map icon to see the respective vessel's track on the Live Map.

You can order the results by clicking on one of the following column titles: Vessel Name, Time, Event, Port. Click twice on the same column title to reverse the order.

At the bottom of the page, you are informed regarding the total amount of search results returned, you can move through the results pages or select the number of displayed records per result page (10/20/50).