View a Vessel's Itineraries History

You can access the Itineraries History page of any vessel in two ways:

  • by clicking on the Itineraries History link from the Vessel InfoWindow


  • or by clicking on the Itineraries History link in the Voyage Info section of the Vessel Details page.


 In any case, you will be able to get to the Voyage Timeline option in Explore page of the vessel you are interested in where you can view Daily Itineraries, including Midnight and Midday positions as well as her Arrivals to Ports and her Departures from them. 


You are able to search for other vessels by simply typing another vessel's name in the appropriate search field. Search results are displayed in rows and each row is a separate record of an event of the subject vessel as registered to the MarineTraffic database.

You can see the following information for each recorded vessel event:

  • Timestamp (UTC): The date and the specific time that each position was recorded (time in UTC)
  • Event Content: The description of the Event including relevant assets
  • Area: The Global geographical area where the event was recorded
  • Local Area: The Local geographical area where the event was recorded
  • Speed (kn): The speed (in knots) that the vessel was moving at when her position was recorded
  • Course (degrees): The Course of the vessel at the time when the event was recorded
  • Latitude (°) / Longitude (°): The specific coordinates of the vessel's position at the respective recording time


At the bottom of the page, you can get informed regarding the total amount of search results returnedmove through the results pages or select the number of displayed records per result page (10/20/50).