Get Animated Playback for Multiple Vessels' Tracks

- Available with the Playback Service and the MarineTraffic Essential Bundle -

Get the tracks of any vessel that interests you displayed on the Live Map and click on the Show Track Options toolbar to be able to get the animated vessel tracks.

Now you are able to display Multiple Vessels' Tracks on the Live Map:

  • Click on the CHOOSE YOUR VESSELS button.
  • Click on the Add Vessel button. This way you can search for more vessels and display their tracks on the Live Map too.


  • In the search field that is brought out, type the name of the vessel you are interested in so that you will be able to view their tracks simultaneously.
  • The initial vessel and the added ones will each have a respective button next to the Add Vessel button. This way you can remove any vessel without having to remove them all and start over.

Note: The available track length depends on your Legacy Plan or Online service.

Once you are ready click Play and you will be able to see multiple animated tracks on your screen.


Note II: The playback set of controls is exactly the same as the one that you use when you only view a vessel's track.