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Get Animated Playback for Multiple Vessels' Tracks

Get the tracks of any vessel that interests you displayed on the Live Map and click on the Show Track Options toolbar to be able to get the animated vessel tracks of her.

Now you are able to display Multiple Vessels' Tracks on the Live Map:

  • Click on the CHOOSE YOUR VESSELS button.
  • Click on the Add Vessel button. This way you can search for more vessels and display their tracks on the Live Map too!

  • In the search field that is brought out, type the name of the vessel you are interested in so that you will be able to view their tracks simultaneously!
  • The initial vessel and the added ones will each have a respective button next to the "Add Vessel" button. This way you can remove any vessel without having to remove them all and start over.

Once you are ready click Play and voilà - multiple animated tracks on your screen!

Note that the playback set of controls is exactly the same with the one regarding a single vessel:

  • Tick the selection box next to the Show Track option to be able to see the vessel's relative position in comparison to her recorded vessel tracks
  • Select the speed of the animated playback from the drop-down menu next to the Speed option (ranging from real-time to x1440)
  • Click on the Zoom on track option to quickly re-focus on the vessel's track in case you have moved around the Live Map
  • Click the Replay button to replay the animation when it ends.
  • Click on the Back Arrow button to return to the initial options panel.
  • Click on the X to close the Show Track Options toolbar


Keep in mind that the available track length depends on the subscription plan of your choice (ranging from 3 to 60 days back). You are also able to set the default track length you prefer to view on the Live Map from the Preferences option under the My Account Section.

Note that different limits apply as to how many vessels' tracks can be displayed simultaneously depending on your subscription plan:

  • Basic plan subscribers are not able to get multiple vessels' tracks
  • Premium plan subscribers can get up to 2 vessels' tracks displayed at once
  • Pro plan subscribers and above can get up to 10 vessels' tracks displayed at once
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