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Port / Light InfoWindows

Clicking on any Port (or Marina) or Light icon on the MarineTraffic Live Map will result in the respective InfoWindow being brought out. As with the Vessel InfoWindows, information related to the corresponding icon will be displayed in it as well as useful links.

  • Port InfoWindows

Port InfoWindows contain information about the Port type, the Port UN/LOCODE and the local time. On the left side, there is the default Photo of the Port. Click on it to view all the available photos of the Port in the Photo Directory or hover over to see how many photos of the Port are there.

You can also be quickly informed about vessel traffic in the subject port:

  • The number of vessels that are in it (Ships in Port now) - click on the indication to get to the respective section of the Port Details page.
  • The amount of expected arrivals in the near future (Expected Arrivals) - click on the indication to get to the respective section of the Port Details page.

Moreover, you may click on the relative links to:

  • Get wind forecast for the surrounding area to the port (Wind Forecast)
  • Get to the Port Details page of it (Details)


  • Light InfoWindows

The Light InfoWindows contain all the available information regarding the subject lighthouse (or AtoN). As with other InfoWindows, you can click on the photo to get to the relevant MarineTraffic photo pages - hovering over it will enable you to see how many photos are available in total.

Click on the "Details" button to get to the Light Details page.

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