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Historical Data

Ever since 2009, MarineTraffic has been storing the available information regarding all recorded vessels' positions. Further analysis of these positions enabled us to keep a detailed record of the recorded vessels' Arrivals at and Departures from Ports all around the world as well.

You can gain access to billions of such historical positions and Port Calls using the Historical Data Export feature. The requested records will be delivered to you and will contain the information that you have asked for. This way, you can make good use of the historical data in order to serve your purpose.

Available historical data may be originating from both terrestrial and satellite AIS sources. All data is delivered in CSV format. 

For each position, you will be provided with information on:

  • Latitude (LAT)
  • Longitude (LON)
  • the subject vessel's MMSI number (VESSEL_MMSI)
  • the subject vessel's Navigational Status (STATUS)
  • Speed (SPEED)
  • Course (COURSE)
  • Heading (HEADING)
  • an exact Timestamp in UTC (TIMESTAMP)

For each Port Call, you will be provided with the following info:

  • the MarineTraffic Port ID (PORT_ID)
  • the subject Port's Name (PORT_NAME)
  • the involved vessel's MMSI (VESSEL_MMSI) 
  • the exact Timestamp of the event in UTC (TIMESTAMP)
  • the Type of the subject Port Call (ARR/DEP)

Additional information such as the subject vessel's name, type, dimensions, flag can also be provided.

You are able to send us your Historical Data requests using the dedicated form which can be found in the bottom of the Historical Data page. There, you can specify all the parameters regarding the data you want to be provided with from us. The cost is calculated according to the parameters of your request.


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