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MarineTraffic Mobile App

Download the MarineTraffic Mobile App to use MarineTraffic on the go. Take advantage of the rich features of the world's #1 vessel-tracking service which are also available on the mobile version of it! 

  • Explore the enormous MarineTraffic Vessels Database and find information on more than 100,000 Vessels (per day) which report their positions via the MarineTraffic AIS-Receiving Network
  • View Vessels on the Live Map, search for ships, ports and lighthouses and see which of them are near your current position
  • View current Wind Conditions and 48-hour Wind Forecasts on the Live Map
  • View Animated Playbacks of any vessel's track
  • View Port Arrivals & Departures regarding more than 4,000 ports and marinas, current Port Conditions and Estimations on the Arrival Time (ETA) of any vessel
  • Browse through millions of Photos of vessels, ports and lighthouses
  • Upload your own Photos of maritime interest to the MarineTraffic Photo Directory
  • Activate Cruise Mode to monitor and save your own vessel's tracks
  • Create your own Fleets to closely monitor and view your favourite vessels on the Live Map
  • Set-up Notifications (using the MarineTraffic website - find out more) and be informed about all the latest occurrences on your mobile device's screen

Moreover, purchase "In-App" tools to further extend the App's capabilities. 

  • Augmented Reality -  interact with reality, identify Vessels (Ports and Lights as well) around you at a glance
  • Route Planner - a powerful tool, ideal for voyage planning

Depending on your mobile device's Operating System, download the App from the corresponding store to get started.

We are constantly trying to update our Apps with new features and improvements. Our users' comments are always taken into account! You can contact us for any questions or suggestions you may have or take some time to comment on the respective store's MarineTraffic App page.

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