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Perform advanced searches for Lights

Lights have their own dedicated MarineTraffic search pages. As with all search pages, you can apply filters and define your search criteria accordingly.

In the MarineTraffic homepage, scroll down to the footer section of it and click on the Lights & AtoN link under the Explore category.




The Lighthouses list page is brought out. By default, the All Lights option is active so that you will be getting results regarding all the lights (and AtoNs as well) that are recorded in the MarineTraffic database (more than 13000 ones). You can also click on the adjacent Near me option to search for lights near your actual location (note that, in the latter case, you may be asked by your internet browser to share your location - allow it to do so and you will be able to be getting results regarding lights within a radius of approximately 20NM around you)!



Both All Lights and Near Me search categories have the same filtering options you may use to further refine your search criteria. The presentation of the search results is also similar. Under this perspective, all you have to do is to decide whether you wish to be getting results regarding all recorded lights or only those near your location.

You may type the name of the light or of a certain area (where you are interested in finding the available lights within it). Simply type your search term in the appropriate search field. 

You are also able to use filters in order to further personalise your search results.



These are the available filters:

  • First Letter (Search for Lights' names which start with a specific letter)
  • Country (Search for lights in a specific country)
  • Type of Light/AtoN (Specify the type of light you wish to be getting your search results for by choosing from the drop-down menu between: All Light Types, Lighthouse, Beacon, Lightship, Buoy with light, Buoy without light, Offshore structure, Other AtoN structure)
  • Type of Flashing (Specify the type of flashing the AtoN uses to be getting your search results based on this choice. Select from: All, Flashing, Morse, Quick flashing, Occulting, Isophased, Fixed)

In case you want to reset all filters, click on the "Clear filters" option. If you want the filtering options to be retracted click on the "Hide Filters" tab - notice that hiding filters will not reset them.


All search results that match your search criteria will be displayed in rows. Each row refers to a certain light and contains various information regarding it. 



  • Country: the country where the light is located at
  • Name of Light: the name of the respective Light (click on it to get to the Light Details page of it)
  • Photo: Information on the available photos of the light in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory (click on the photo to view all the available photos of the subject light)
  • Location/Area/Island: Information on the specific location (or area or island) of the light
  • Type of Light/AtoN: Information on the type of light (lighthouse, beacon, buoy etc)
  • Type of Flashing: Information on the type of flashing (flashing, occulting, fixed etc)
  • Number of Flashes: Information on the number of distinctive flashes for each flashing
  • Interval of Flashing: Information on the interval (usually expressed in seconds) between two sequential flashes
  • Light Color: Information on the emitted colour of each light's flashing
  • Focal Height: Information on the focal height of the light's beam
  • Light Range: Information on the maximum range of each light
  • Year Built: The year the light was built
  • Operational: The icons notate whether the subject light's status is operational or not - a red and white lighthouse icon suggest that the respective light is operational. If the icon is greyed out, then the subject light is non-operational.

Clicking on any of the following column titles will result in ordering the search results accordingly: Country, Name of Light, Photo, Location/Area/Island, Type of Light/AtoN, Year Built, Operational. Clicking on the same column title twice will result in reversing the ordering.

As with all MarineTraffic search pages, there are some more options at the bottom of the page which:

  • inform you about the total number of records found that match your search criteria
  • enable you to navigate through search results pages by entering a page number or selecting the next or previous one
  • let you decide on the desired amount of search results per page (10/20/50)



Note: You can also perform quick-searches for lights using the appropriate search field on the MarineTraffic main menu - the process is identical to quick-searching for vessels.


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