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Data Export

Using the Data Export function, you are able to export the data that interests you the most and make use of it according to your wish. Data exporting can be performed with ease and efficiency as relevant buttons can be found in all MarineTraffic advanced search-pages regarding Vessels and Ports.

Data contained in the search-results area can be exported by simply clicking on the relevant "Export Data" button. Thus, you can directly export data from the following MarineTraffic pages:




The function is also available in the Quick-search page.

Upon selecting the data of your choice, it will be exported in CSV format.

Note that, depending on your subscription plan, different limits apply to the amount of data you can export and to the date range of past events that can be exported (e.g. past Port Calls of a certain vessel).

However, if you are interested in previously recorded AIS-data, you can export Historical Data.

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