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Voyage History

Voyage History defines the extent to which you can use certain MarineTraffic services as dictated by the Subscription Plan of your choice. The following MarineTraffic features are affected by the Voyage History factor:

  • Vessel Track Length

When you get a vessel's track displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map, the maximum length of the track depends on the Voyage History factor.

  • Certain MarineTraffic pages

The following pages are affected: the Latest Positions page, the Port Calls, Arrivals & Departures page and the Itineraries page. Voyage History defines the extent to which you can view previously recorded data (in other words, how many days back you can go) on those pages.

  • Data Export

As a result, exporting Data from any of the above-mentioned pages is also affected. Given the fact that you can export displayed records only, you are not able to export any data which is "older" than the maximum end of your Voyage History range. 


The Voyage History limits (as defined by the MarineTraffic subscription plans) are:

  • Basic = 3 days back
  • Premium = 15 days back
  • Pro and above = 60 days back

Note, though, that you can export Historical Data by signing-in and submitting your request in the relevant page regardless of your subscription plan.

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