Set-up your API Services

Sign-in to your MarineTraffic account, click on the Solutions button and select the Data Services (API) option.


You will then be presented with the available API Services. For your convenience, API Services are organised in categories so that you can swiftly select those that better suit your needs. Clicking on any of them will result in getting to its Details page where you can:

  • learn more about the subject API
  • view suggestions for example uses
  • view the available response types and the data included in them
  • visit the Documentation page of the subject API Service for more detailed technical information
  • find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions
  • select whether you want to be charged on a Subscription basis or using MarineTraffic Credits 

Note: The last choice also affects the overall process of setting-up an API Service. Depending on your choice (Subscription/Credits), certain API Services may prompt you to Contact MarineTraffic for a quote.

Let's have a look at an example of a Subscription and a Credit-based API:

Setting-up a Subscription-based API Service (example used: API Service PS02 - Vessel Positions)

  • From the Details page of the selected Service, select the Subscription tab and click on the Get an API Key for this service button

  • Define the number of vessels that you wish to track so that you can calculate the price of the Service. Note that, depending on the selected API Service, the available parameterised options may vary - in this case, the number of the tracked vessels, the API request frequency and the origin of the data are the parameters that affect pricing. When you are ready, click on the Proceed button.

  • Now is the time to specify the vessels that you wish to track using the API Service PS02, as well as the type of responses and the data fusion (Terrestrial/Satellite) of your choice. As already mentioned, price tags will vary depending on the type of responses (simple/extended/full) and the AIS data source (Terrestrial/Satellite). Note also that bigger data volume may result in discounts - for example, if the number of vessels is over 25, the price will be discounted. When you have made your selections, click on the Try for free button.

  • Now you can review the selections you have made, edit the Service's parameters and name the Service as you please.
  • Finally, upon selecting the Billing Period (monthly/annual), you can directly purchase the API Service (click on the Buy now with credit card button), request a free Trial period (click on the Request Trial button - your request will be manually reviewed by MarineTraffic) or Save the API Service for future activation (to avoid re-configuring the API Service from scratch).

Notes on Subscription-based API Services: 

  • you must have defined a Payment Method prior to purchasing a subscription-based API Service. Otherwise, upon clicking on the Buy now with credit card button, you will be prompted to add one.

Setting-up an On Demand (credit-based) API Service (example used: API ServiceVI01 - Voyage Forecasts)

  • From the Details page of the selected Service, select the On Demand (Credits) tab and click on the Get an API Key for this service button. Note that the Credits consumed per response for each type of response are also visible.

  • On the window that will pop-up, click on the OK button and the respective Service will be activated.

Notes on Credit-based API Services:

  • credit-based API Services are automatically activated by clicking on the OK button at the last step of the process.
  • pricing differs depending on the subject API Service. You can view each Service's cost (in Credits) by clicking on it and getting to the Service's Details page.

Keep in mind that, regardless of your choice (On Demand / Subscription), you can visit the My Account Section and use the API Services option to overview and manage (activate/de-activate) your API Services at any time.